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The Best Wheelchair Provider in Singapore

Wheelchair Singapore - as the aging population in Singapore increases in both absolute number and proportion over the years, the demand for elderly care equipment is also on the rise.

Among the most sought-after equipment would be that of a wheelchair.

Movement mobility is a major challenge for a large number of seniors and elders in the country, as prolonged walking - even with the help of walking aids - can hurt their knees and exhaust them easily.

With most of the public areas, community spaces and including malls and various places of interest installing wheelchair-friendly access, buying a wheelchair to get around places is a great way to let the elderly folks get out of their houses more and continue to enjoy enriching lifestyles.

Naturally, wheelchairs are also indispensable to people with movement disabilities, allowing them to go about their daily lives with minimal assistance nor hassle.

As such, it is extremely important that one gives careful consideration to a number of factors when deciding to buy a wheelchair in Singapore.

Buying a wheelchair: what to look out for

Generally, there are a few considerations that you want to take note of when looking to buy a wheelchair in Singapore.

Let's take a look at some of them.


Probably the most important factor to consider when buying a wheelchair is how comfortable it is to sit in it.

After all, chances are that the user may need to be seated in the wheelchair for long amounts of time throughout the day. So it is important that the user will not feel any sense of discomfort even after a prolonged period.

The frame of the wheelchair seat, position of the footrest, material used for the backseat and seat cushion as well as the armrest, are among the key elements that affect the level of comfort a wheelchair provides to the user.


One of the most important criteria to consider is that of size, or dimensions.

You wouldn't want to buy a wheelchair that is too bulky as it can create a problem when it comes to storing it away.

It may also be somewhat of a challenge when putting the wheelchair into a car, or when you want to get into smaller, tighter spaces.


Another important factor to consider is how heavy the wheelchair is.

If a wheelchair is too heavy, it can be difficult to manoeuvre, reducing the user's overall mobility.

It can also be strenuous for the user to carry the wheelchair over certain inaccessible areas if it is weighty.

In recent times, there is a buying trend and preference towards lightweight wheelchairs, which allows greater flexibility and portability without sacrificing structural stability and sturdiness of the wheelchair.

A lightweight wheelchair is particularly suitable in Singapore, especially for users who tend to be out and about independently with no helper nor assistance.


Another aspect to consider is the set of features that the wheelchair comes with, even for standard parts such as push handles, armrest, brakes, caster wheel, fork, heel loop and footplate among others.

This is because they can come in a variety of configurations with varying degrees of functionality and adjustability, which ultimately affects whether the wheelchair is suitable for your particular needs.


No matter how good a product is, there will always be that odd case where an unfortunate defect occurs.

It is therefore useful to be clear about the warranty coverage that the wheelchair seller provides, and what are the procedures to seek support in the event that you do need it.

Do also note the situations under which the warranty on the wheelchair will be rendered void, so that unnecessary disputes can be avoided in future if those scenarios do arise.

When in doubt of the terms used in the warranty statement, it is best to check with the seller for clarification.

Vendor support

Throughout the entire buying process, including before and after the wheelchair sale, you may still have questions about the purchase.

It is therefore important that the vendor that you are buying from, is readily available to help you by addressing your questions and concerns, promptly and assuringly.

The vendor should also be knowledgeable about the wheelchair and which model suits you the best, based on your exact usage requirements and needs.

An indication of whether your vendor is a helpful and reliable one, is by observing how they respond to your pre-sales questions.


The price of an item is always an important consideration when making a buying decision, not just for a wheelchair.

The sale price of a wheelchair depends on a few factors, including but not limited to: materials used, complexity of manufacture, cost of shipment and so on.

While one should not spend in excess of what is appropriate for a medicare equipment, it is also noteworthy that quality does come with a certain price.

An impossibly cheap wheelchair may seem like a good deal when presented, but could end up giving you maintenance issues down the road that costs you more in terms of time, repair costs and frustration.

It is recommended that when it comes to buying a wheelchair, determine your exact needs, then look at the options available, before comparing the prices.

Nevertheless, some service providers do have wheelchairs for sale at promotional or discounted prices that allows you to enjoy some savings.

Wheelchair maintenance

Just like any piece of equipment, a wheelchair needs regular maintenance such as cleaning to ensure that it remains in top working condition for years and years to come.

If the user is an elderly, it is essential that maintenance includes not just basic wheelchair cleaning, but also disinfection and sterilisation, so that the user is not exposed and susceptible to potentially harmful germs that may compromise their health.

For those who are unable or find it inconvenient to perform the cleaning on their own, consider engaging a professional wheelchair cleaning service to take care of it.

Where to buy wheelchair in Singapore

As an importer and wholesale company licensed by Singapore's Health Science Authority (HSA), we at Cairnhill Healthcare are committed to providing premium quality medical devices and medical-grade cleaning services to the rehabilitation, home care, and the aging communities in Singapore and the ASEAN region.

We are also Singapore's sole agent for KAWAMURA® wheelchairs, one of the top 3 premium quality wheelchair brands in Japan.

So, if you're looking for high quality and durable wheelchairs in Singapore, backed by supportive and reliable customer service, Cairnhill Healthcare is the right choice for you.

For where to buy a wheelchair, check out our range of wheelchairs here.

We provide easy wheelchairs collection at IMM or delivery to your desired location anywhere on Singapore island.

Wheelchair sale Singapore

If you’re looking for a good deal to buy a wheelchair in Singapore, check out our promotions page from time to time for great offers, especially during festive seasons.

Short-term wheelchair needs

If you require wheelchair usage for a temporary period of time, consider wheelchair rental from our available rental packages.

Buy wheelchair Singapore

Whenever you have the thought of “where can I buy a wheelchair in Singapore”, Cairnhill Healthcare is your answer. There is no better or easier way to get your hands on a reliable wheelchair, backed with comprehensive warranty coverage and all-round quality customer service to ensure your maximal satisfaction.

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