Lightweight wheelchair


Now it's available for buying the lightweight wheelchair in online shopping at cairnhill-healthcare for the lowest price sale in Singapore. it's contains there are many type of wheelchairs for the different purpose even as Ultra lightweight, Lightweight Wheelchair, Ultra Lightweight Folding Transit Wheelchair. The mainly light wheelchairs have more customized options than standard chairs, so you have more options to choose from to meet all your needs and preferences.

Our lightweight wheelchairs are so effective and affordable price, light weight wheelchair can give you back your independence around the home or our.

Lightweight wheelchairs are helpful and easy for handle that because it's weight less (28 to 35ibs) than standard wheelchairs which means the user has less right to push around and when loading in vehicles for transport, lighter weight chairs require less effort to lift and carry out to the outer place.

"Life does not end when you sit in a wheelchair. It becomes a new one. And it's the perfect opportunity to overcome your limits every day."

Finding the Right Lightweight Wheelchair


Whatever mobility issues no worry about that you are living with, equipment from cairnhill-healthcare is here to help. Getting around isn't always so easily, especially as we age or in getting the injured in leg and  even if you’re not permanently disabled to walk around then use the lightweight wheelchair is an effective, safe and trusted method for everyday travel.

  • We offers the lightweight wheelchair has attractive silver vein finish with nylon upholstery that is durable and easy to clean.
  • Padded armrest has additional comfort. Drop-back Handle, Seat belt, Solid wheels.
  • lightweight wheelchair is not only safe but also comfortable.
  • From cairnhill-healthcare, We’re reviewing the best lightweight wheelchairs currently on our website

Wheelchair for Sale in Singapore:

Cairnhill-healthcare wheelchair services will give you a non-taxable voucher that you can put towards buying your own wheelchairs. If you ready to buy wheelchairs in online but while you hadn't any idea Where to buy wheelchair in Singapore then you'll to be sure it's the right wheelchair for you and you can feel safely with our wheelchairs. First try find the which type of wheelchair in the place you're going to use it where at home or on pavement' to make sure it is suitable for your needs.

Lightweight Wheelchair
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  1. Kawamura Wheelchair CHL16-40B
    • top 3 Japanese brand
    • lightweight
    • half foldable backrest
    • 16" solid airless PU tyres
    • Adjustable backrest tensioner
    • Pressure distribution system
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